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Digimarc partner BeeGraphic was recently awarded Best Packaging in the Quality Design category at the RE-Economy Summit virtual event in Italy. The award winner featured Digimarc Barcode on a grated cheese packaging prototype created by the Gerosa Group. The prototype was recognized for its potential to bring much-needed innovation throughout the supply chain process, including for critical use cases, such as package recycling and reducing food waste.

The Gerosa Group project for packaging, known as G4R, digitally links data, such as recycling and consumer information to the shelf life of fresh grocery products, helping to limit food waste. G4R packaging is intended to be responsible, forward-looking and sustainable, among other things. Watch a brief video for more details.

BeeGraphic is an Italian-based product integrator for global packaging and graphic industries and offers Digimarc for product packaging under the StealthCode® brand. Gerosa Group’s G4R packaging can be scanned using the StealthCode® app.

Read a case study of Digimarc and BeeGraphic’s work with Barilla.

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